Control Valve Technical Support

With a collective experience in excess of 150 years, our control valve technical engineers are available to provide support with the following:

Control Valve Application Reviews
Sizing calculations are performed by hand or by using our independent sizing software Conval™. The results when combined with client specifications, industry standard limits and Score‚Äôs experience enable us to provide detailed advice and recommendations.

Control Valve Feasibility Studies
We can provide advice and recommendations for debottlenecking and changes in process conditions.

Control Valve Troubleshooting
Detailed investigative work can be performed in order to provide resolutions to on-site problems such as, but not limited to; excessive seat leakage, hunting, loss of control, process inefficiencies, vibration and noise, valve seizure and external leakage.

Control Valve Failure Analysis
Detailed failure analyses and engineering reports can be provided including Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) where appropriate.

Control Valve Flow Loop Testing
Our low pressure and high pressure flow loops can be utilised to facilitate approvals testing and verification of Cv and flow characteristics.

Control Valve Expediting
Our in-depth knowledge of control valves makes us ideal for assisting with pro-active expediting.
Damaged Trim
Finite Element Analysis
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