Control Valve Overhaul & Repair

Our highly skilled team of technicians overhaul and repair control valves in our various facilities around the globe as well as providing on-site troubleshooting and maintenance services anywhere in the world.
Control valve assemblies entering our workshops for repair or overhaul are initially diagnostically analysed using Score’s own V-Scan Diagnostic System prior to strip down and detailed inspection. After the results of the inspection have been documented on our QA card the workscope is agreed and put into motion. Worn or damaged components are recovered wherever possible otherwise they are replaced with OEM parts where timescales allow. All soft parts are renewed as standard including those in the actuator. Instrumentation is checked and repaired where required. We are able to calibrate all types of positioners including pneumatic, I/P, intelligent HART and Foundation Fieldbus.

After assembly, all control valves undergo standard industry hydrostatic body testing in accordance with ANSI B16.34 and seat leakage testing to ANSI FCI 70-2. Client specific testing can also be performed including: gas testing, low and elevated temperature testing, flow loop testing. After successful completion of the testing, valves are painted to Score’s own standard system or to client specific requirements.

Prior to final QA release all repaired and overhauled control valves are checked by V-Scan in order to verify and document correct valve function.
Control Valve Labyrinth Plate
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