Control Valve New & Stock Solutions

Control Valve Stock Solutions
Independent from all manufacturers and their agents, consistent high volume spend ensures that Score receives preferential technical and commercial support from all major control valve, actuator and instrument manufacturers.

The performance of our supplier base is constantly monitored and measured by our supply chain team ensuring only reliable and properly accredited control valve suppliers are used. Furthermore, every control valve offered will have been technically reviewed by our control valve engineering team to ensure fitness for purpose.

Working from an extensive inventory of more than 500 new and used control valves, Score can supply control valve stock solutions in a fraction of the time taken to source brand new valves. Control valves have a wide variety of trim size, Cv, type and material configurations and as such we occasionally have to source new trims for our stock valve bodies. It is Score’s policy to use OEM control valve trim parts where time allows, however, due to the urgency of some situations we are also able to design and manufacture control valve trims on a short lead time in order to provide a speedy solution. To compliment this service we also have an extensive stock of new pneumatic and Smart Positioners, volume boosters and filter regulators.
Control Valve Stock Solutions
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