Control Valve Condition Monitoring

Diagnostic Surveys have shown on average
  • 75% of installed valves required rectification
  • Only 11% required removal from the line
  • 46% had calibration problems
  • 13% of valves did not open fully
  • 28% of valves had problems with packing leakage or suffered performance problems due to high packing friction
  • 14% of I/P units were defective or not calibrated correctly
  • 23% of valves had insufficient seat load causing poor shut-off


Properly functioning control valves are vital for safe and efficient plant operation. Many air operated control valves experience problems most of which can be rectified without removal from the line. Significant time and cost savings can be realised if control valve problems are detected and corrected early. Score’s V-Scan control valve diagnostics system is able to verify and document valve function, identify problems and also allows a condition based maintenance strategy to be implemented. Score’s cost effective and cost efficient diagnostics service enables maintenance resources to be targeted at real problem areas.
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